1999 Mercury Tracer Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1999 Mercury Tracer

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1999 Mercury Tracer Problems

Car won't start due to oil contamination in distributor

The distributor may become internally contaminated with engine oil because of an internal seal failure. This causes ignition failure because the distributor cap has filled with oil. If this happens, the car will not start.

Rough Running Engine and/or Noise

Valve seats (components in the cylinder head that help seal the valve) can fall out. When this happens, it causes rough running and creates noise. Replacement of the cylinder head is commonly required to fix this problem.

Cylinder head replaced due to crack between valves
A cylinder head replacement could be needed if the vehicle overheats and causes the cylinder head to crack between the valves.

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1999 Mercury Tracer Questions

On the driver side (1 answer)

Why does my car hesitate to run when I step on the gas or change gear?

Aft replac alt i jumped. Start and go to remove cables car dies. Do i need batt (1 answer)

Do i need a stronger batt or shouldnt the alt keep the car running. It dies as soon as i take the cables off.+ or -

I replaced the serpentine belt and now the motor will spinover but won't start (1 answer)

I checked the timing belt and it was ok

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