1991 Mercury Topaz Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1991 Mercury Topaz

Fuel pump failure can cause the engine to crank but fail to start. Diagnosis will show insufficient, or no fuel pressure, and fuel pump in the fuel tank will need to be replaced.

The vehicle may lose vehicle speed signal, which can affect speedometer operation and transmission shift quality. Most often the Vehicle Speed Sensor is faulty, however, at times, the driven gear inside the transmission is at fault. Replace the Vehicle Speed sensor and inspect the driven gear upon sensor removal.

Poor rubber material used in the motor mounts can cause them to fail, leading to a knocking noise or lifting sensation on acceleration. The motor mounts will need to be replaced with revised parts.

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i get under it and bang on starter and wiggle wire on connector it starts. otherwise most of the time it clicks

My water pump went out. It is pouring out antifreeze. I found the pump at carquest- the only place that had it. Now the mechanic says I need a hose- and the ones at the local stores have one that is too small. This is a hose I cannot put my hands on, I don't know the name or where to find it....

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