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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1990 Mercury Topaz

1990 Mercury Topaz

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1990 Mercury Topaz Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

The vehicle may lose vehicle speed signal, which can affect speedometer operation and transmission shift quality. Most often the Vehicle Speed Sensor is faulty, however, at times, the driven gear inside the transmission is at fault. Replace the Vehicle Speed sensor and inspect the driven gear upon sensor removal.

Drive Train -- Verified

If the throttle lever is out of adjustment, or the grommets are missing / broken at the throttle or transmission, the automatic transmission can shift hard. Replace the grommets as needed and adjust the throttle lever.

Engine -- Verified

Poor rubber material used in the motor mounts can cause them to fail, leading to a knocking noise or lifting sensation on acceleration. The motor mounts will need to be replaced with revised parts.

Engine -- Verified

Fuel pump failure can cause the engine to crank but fail to start. Diagnosis will show insufficient, or no fuel pressure, and fuel pump in the fuel tank will need to be replaced.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Internal heater blower motor issues can cause a ticking noise from the heater blower when the fan is on. To correct this concern, replace the heater blower motor with a revised unit.

1990 Mercury Topaz Questions and Answers

tinman68, 1990 Mercury Topaz, Mountain View, HI

how do i change my water pump

GRILLINGGRANNY, 1990 Mercury Topaz, Mesquite, TX

I have a 1989 Mercury Topaz and recently had to have the driver belt replaced A couple of days later the belt came off the person was not my regular mechanic and continued to make excuses about w...

Visitor, 1990 Mercury Topaz, New Castle, DE

It is leaking oil and over heating.

Visitor, 1990 Mercury Topaz, Neenah, WI

After traveling for 5 miles or more on highway the car will stall as you stop then has a bear of a time restarting. It happens only after traveling on highway, not in city. Can anyone help please...

schaery, 1990 Mercury Topaz, Mobile, AL

My car is actually a 1989 but wasn't given the option to select that. I need to replace front and rear motor mounts. Is it possible to do this myself without going crazy or tearing up the ca...

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I have a 1988 Mercury Topaz, but I am having problems with engine leaks and my Fan will not shut off. WHAT CAN I DO AND WHAT DO I NEED TO REPLACE?

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