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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2008 Mercury Sable

2008 Mercury Sable

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2008 Mercury Sable Problems

Engine -- Verified

The magnet for the camshaft position sensor may fall out of its mount and damage the synchronizers. This causes long crank times when starting the engine and may cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. If this happens, both the magnets and the synchronizers need to be replaced.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Chafing of the jounce bumper against the strut rod and / or rubbing of the dust boot against the strut mount cup can cause popping, squeaking, and noisy sounds from front wheel areas while driving. Lubricate the jounce bumper (bump stop), strut rod, and boot with dielectric grease fix this concern.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The electric trunk latch solenoid can get stuck in the open position making it so the trunk will not latch closed. The diagnosing technician should verify correct electrical connection at the solenoid and check for correct cable routing. The trunk latch most commonly will need to be replaced.

Drive Train -- Verified

A leaking axle shaft seal and / or PTU cover seal can cause transmission (red) or Power Transfer Unit (PTU) (brown) fluid leaks at the axle area. The axle shaft seal and / or PTU cover seal may be leaking and should be replaced as required.

Electrical & Lights -- Andreask

I have a 2008 Sable i got a message check charging system
i had the battery checked ok the alternator was showing 13.2

2008 Mercury Sable Questions and Answers

Visitor, 2008 Mercury Sable, Festus, MO

I hit a pot hole and now my anti theft is activated and keeps locking my steering wheel. It will start after jiggling the steering wheel and turning the key. Could the pot hole have triggered thi...

skelly, 2008 Mercury Sable, Butte, MT

The light has come on two different times - both when driving up steep hills in hot weather. The light has since gone off and there doesn't seem to be any problem. Do I have a problem or no...

skelly, 2008 Mercury Sable, Butte, MT

Two separate times while we were traveling up steep hills in the heat, the little wrench light has gone on. When going down hill it goes back off, and it has not come on since. The car seems to b...

Visitor, 2008 Mercury Sable, Lakeland, FL

a/c blows cold then no cold sets a few min and then will blow cold again ,full charge no pressure reading problems, intermit operation

mryandad, 2008 Mercury Sable, Tuscumbia, AL

Need to access the antenna fin.

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2008 Mercury Sable Reviews

i have a 2008 sable it just started jumping in first gear only when i pull off from da light it the transmission or a o2 senor

Why would a Torque Converter fail when the car had less than 83,000 mils

One of the best cars I have ever owned. 180000 miles and other than brake pad being replaced never had to touch a thing.

Luxury ride and great interior. I cannot say enough about this cars quality.

We have own this car for 2 yeaars. The fuel milage is rated at 29 hwy 24 around town. We around town about 17 miles per gal. Hwy at the best is 25 miles per gal. Ford garage say there nothing wrong and it is not the diver. it also very from time to time. It run great.


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