2003 Mercury Marauder Repair and Maintenance

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2003 Mercury Marauder
$2,210 to $3,044
2003 Mercury Marauder
$125 to $153
2003 Mercury Marauder
$392 to $554
2003 Mercury Marauder
$200 to $315
2003 Mercury Marauder
$120 to $168

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Low compression caused by leakage from exhaust valves can cause the check engine light to illuminate indicating an engine misfire. The cylinder head will need to be rebuilt by a qualified machine shop if possible. Please note that this problem will require careful diagnosis because misfires can also be caused by basic ignition components like spark plugs, coils, etc.

The spark plugs may become dislodged from the cylinder heads. A loud popping noise can be heard and a subsequent misfire experienced. The threads on the spark plug ports in the cylinder head(s) can become stripped or missing when the spark plug is dislodged. The threads in cylinder heads may be replaced using “Lock-N-Stitch” aluminum inserts. Our technicians tell us thread replacement is performed when the vehicle is out of base warranty. Vehicles under base warranty receive a new cylinder head.

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love my Marauder-I just had my power steering pump replaced-the rack replaced and the sensoe and the car is still not fixed. It it pulling to the left and comes and goes with driving. They put in a napa pump and now changing to a ford pump-is there something else going on? thanks

Great car have had mine for 8 years now and put on 60,000 miles

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