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2002 Mercury Grand Marquis

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2002 Mercury Grand Marquis Problems

Engine -- Verified

The heater hose outlet may leak coolant at the back of the intake manifold. Sometimes this is misdiagnosed as a leaking intake manifold gasket because it resembles a leaking manifold.

Drive Train -- Verified

Wear on the rear axle shafts near the bearings can create excessive play and lead to gear oil leaking past the seals. Gear oil will leak onto the brake backing plate, brakes, and wheels.

2002 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions and Answers

alby, 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis, Columbia, MO

I have heat in my car, but the motor is not blowing out the air. I need to check it, but am not sure where it is exactly located.

msomats, 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis, Lynn, MA

4.6L v8 with mil light on code is P0304 Cylinder 4 misfire. Coolant overflow was light brownish in color. Could this be a blown head gasket? If so , what is a ballpark estimate to have this repaired

nader358, 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis, Englishtown, NJ

where is the blower motor resistor located?

vickyb12, 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis, Panama City, FL

Blower would blow irratically, now doesn't blow at all.

Walgreene, 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis, Medford, MA

The canister on my car was attached under the trunk, and I knocked it off going over a curb. The repair shop wants $750 to fix it. Can I drive without the canister until I can afford to fix it? ...

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2002 Mercury Grand Marquis Reviews

I have a 2002 mecury grand marquis, have had a lot of repair, wiper pivot arm ass,replace idle air control valve twice, replaced #1 coil, #2 coil,just a couple of mos. ago replaced #5coil, had bearings go out of ac compresser, replaced. All this time in the last year my car has had a low roar when excelerating my gas milage is in the pits gone from 18 in city to 13.5 had 3 different shops one a ford dealer last time and they can not figure it out. My brake and gas peddle are adjustable but not wanting to go down. Can any one out there have any Ideas greatly appreciatted. rae e-mail frostytop45@hotmail.com

over all car is a smooth riding luxury sedan,,, add a few more toys and it would be a lincoln at about a3rd of the price,,, but a lot of problems with the automatic temp control system

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