1994 Mercury Cougar Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1994 Mercury Cougar

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1994 Mercury Cougar
$1,007 to $1,511
1994 Mercury Cougar
$123 to $182
1994 Mercury Cougar
$662 to $848
1994 Mercury Cougar
$140 to $190
1994 Mercury Cougar
$91 to $116

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White smoke coming from the exhaust could indicate that a head gasket has blown or there is a cracked cylinder head. Our technicians tell us that removal and inspection of the cylinder heads will be required to confirm a crack is present.

The Check Engine Light can illuminate with codes due to the lack of EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) flow caused by the intake manifold passage plugging up with carbon and oil. The EGR valve has to be removed and the passage cleaned thoroughly. Partial restriction of this passage can cause Smog test failures for the NOx emissions without causing a drivability symptom.

While steering, if you hear a clunk or a rattle, or if you experience premature tire wear, this could indicate the inner tie rod ends are loose or worn and will require replacement.

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I changed all 4 calipers new pads and rotors all the way around took it around the block and the same two brakes front driver and rear passenger locked up again. I was wondering is anyone knows if this year cougar 1994 4.6L has a cross directional brake system like some older caddilacs and i migh...

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Engine blows head gasgets around 100,000. Transmissions acts like you go over speed bumps. Change trans.oil and aid slick 50 will fix problem. Trans downshifts at strange time. Speed sensor on outside transmission goes bad. $200 part on dealer. Suggest go to pick a part and buy a couple for $5. 15 minute job to replace. 94 car had a mechanical update. Most very bad. Buy you a 93 same body bette...

What about the trans. I have a '94 Merc. Cougar and the tran. will drop back a gear or two when in Drive....Help Me....

I need help on find air condtioner filter on it recharged it but the filter is plug can't find it does anyone know where it is.I love my car too.

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