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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2004 Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC

2004 Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC

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2004 Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

The door for the vanity mirror (or the frame for the door) can break; due to a redesign, the mirror "cassette" will need replacement.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The relay which turns the airmatic suspension pump on may fail causing the pump to run continuously. This can result in failure of the pump motor or a dead battery as the pump motor will continue to run after the car is turned off. Also, Worn airmatic pump mount bushings can causes noises in the front axle while driving on bumpy roads or a buzzing noise while the pump is running.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

A door control module/actuator may fail. Our technicians recommend finding an expert to repair them. Taking the door trim panels off requires expert knowledge because they can break and the pieces are very expensive.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

The center console armrest can break. Replacement is commonly the recommended repair.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Front thrust arm and control arm bushings can crack and sometimes tear completely. If this is not repaired quickly, damage to the front subframe unit will occur, which is very expensive to repair. Updated control arms (that prevent damage to the subframe when the bushings wear out) are available.

2004 Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC Questions and Answers

Chocolate Songbird, 2004 Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC, Grove City, OH

Now all I see is "check engine" on the dash.

Shuggie33, 2004 Mercedes-Benz S500 4MATIC, Port Saint Lucie, FL

I brought it to delray automall to fix and they said that they replaced the resistor blower motor. The same problem is still happening and now won't come on at all. Could you please advise me ...

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