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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1997 Mercedes-Benz S420

1997 Mercedes-Benz S420

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1997 Mercedes-Benz S420 Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Problems with the pneumatic system can cause closing assist and door lock issues.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

One or more door windows may stop working due to a failed window regulator. Replacement of the failed regulator will be necessary to correct this concern.

Engine -- Verified

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A faulty mass air flow (MAF) sensor can cause erratic/rough engine operation and fuel economy issues. Since this sensor measures the actual amount of air entering the motor, when it fails, the engine control module (ECM) takes the wrong information and delivers incorrect volumes of fuel to the cylinders.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Glove box hinges, the center console armrest, and the cup holders break.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The engine wiring can degrade because the insulating material falls off leaving the bare wire exposed. This can cause many problems depending on which wires are exposed and what they touch.

1997 Mercedes-Benz S420 Questions and Answers

cmee, 1997 Mercedes-Benz S420, Rio Grande, NJ

I jut bought a 97 c420 with 118.ooo miles.
new trans, new brakes, new tires. for a steal.
Will I like it? why? How long of a life # of mile can I get?
Should I anticipate problems? If so what kind...

cmee, 1997 Mercedes-Benz S420, Rio Grande, NJ

Can anyone tell me how to open a glove compartment for a C420? No manual how can I get one?

jayrosh, 1997 Mercedes-Benz S420, Kissimmee, FL

I made a terrible mistake, I have Mercedes S420 97, it was in storage for few months and battery was dead so I tried to jump start with my other car which was running. I put the key in MB and all t...

samandmimo, 1997 Mercedes-Benz S420, Salisbury, NC

Can anyone please tell me where the oil filter is located in a 97 s420? thank you

bobos, 1997 Mercedes-Benz S420, Riverdale, GA

My 97 s420 gas level light blinks after driving for about 10 miles. when I turn car off it stops. I replaced gas cap and 1 O2 sensor

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