2012 Mercedes-Benz GL450 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2012 Mercedes-Benz GL450

2012 Mercedes-Benz GL450 Questions

every once in awhile i put my key and turn it and it saids nothing like its not there maybe sitting for about 15mins or less it will start up! it did like 4 or 5 times then for 3 months i didn't have the problem anymore at all and then all of sudden it did it again 730pm til 215am it wouldn...

Removed key and close the door and still the radio continued to play.

the car has 3045 miles never had an oil change,there is light on the dash but the engine will not turn.no diagnostic codes except on the radio when it happened,it said safe mode activated.a tech checked the starter and said it was ok,but the engine won't turn manually.

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