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2004 Mercedes-Benz C240

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2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Problems

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

A repetitive clicking noise from behind the center area of the dash panel is usually caused by a broken stepper motor actuating arm. The actuating arm controls the direction of air flow in the climate control system. Disassembly of the center console will be required to access and change the broken arm with the updated, reinforced part.

Engine -- Verified

The engine may develop a stalling and/or no start condition due to a failed crankshaft position sensor.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Inside grab handles, the upholstery on the center console cover, and door trim panels can delaminate. Most commonly replacement of the affected part is necessary.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The sway bar end link joints may wear and cause a knocking noise over bumps. Loose or warn links should be replaced to correct this type of noise.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

A dead battery can be caused by a faulty seat control module that does not properly shut down.  Spilling liquids on the front seats can cause these modules to fail.

2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., December 22, 2003

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Some seat belt buckles may have a burr on a metal component of the locking mechanism. This could prevent the seat belt from locking under certain conditions. In the event of a crash, the seat occupant may not be properly restrained, increasing the risk of injury. Dealers will replace the affected seat belts. This recall is expected to begin on December 22, 2003. The Mercedes-Benz recall number is 2003 120006.

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2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Questions and Answers

attyandrea, 2004 Mercedes-Benz C240, Cambridge, MA

I* need a new alternator. Should I have my pricey dealer service center do it with a new alternator, or is a remanufactured alt installed by my local mechanic with a warranty just as good. New wi...

Mercedes C240, 2004 Mercedes-Benz C240, New York, NY

I got the messages below on the instrument cluster display:
- Battery / Alternator
- Brake Assist / BAS
- Restraint System / SRS

Then all the lights goes blinking on the display & the srs re...

KLH, 2004 Mercedes-Benz C240, Park Forest, IL

Where is the driveshaft flex discs located and how to repair

smccolgan, 2004 Mercedes-Benz C240, Hollister, CA

What replacement part do I need, how do I take panel off?

smccolgan, 2004 Mercedes-Benz C240, Hollister, CA

How do you remove door panel?

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2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Reviews

I purchased this 240 4matic wagon in 2008 with 40K miles on it and have been happy with it since. I replaced a link for the sway bar but that was not very costly. It's now making a kocking noise when I go over bumps. it may be the loose nut for the strut as suggested in this thread. So a couple of suspension problems. The car went dead on me once. Never happend again. I think an electrical problem. The car has a nice ride but kind of underpowered.

bought c240 stalls while at stop light,will not start again for awhile. ad it for two months first Mercedez,may b the last one

My wife and I bought this wagon new and it has been THE BEST car I've ever owned. There have been no problems whatsoever. It's not the fanciest car I've owned, but it has been the most trouble free. It is maintained regularly, but driven hard with kids. I wish it were a little larger on the inside.

How To fix:
- Brake light switch failure can cause the ESP and BAS warnings to illuminate.
- The SRS (airbag) light may illuminate if liquid is spilled into the seat belt buckles or pools underneath the seat and gets into the electrical connector for the seat belt pretensioners.

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