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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL

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1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The fuel pump and/or fuel pump relay can fail, causing the car to crank over but not start. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to confirm if the pump or relay is at fault.

Engine -- Verified

Internal and External engine oil & coolant leaks can develop from the head gasket and/or timing cover gasket; these leaks should be repaired before the engine oil and coolant intermix which can result in severe engine damage.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Other than a defective motor, a bad switch or blower motor resistor assembly can cause an inoperative heater blower motor.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The instrument cluster, along with the turn signal and wiper combination switch, can fail.

Engine -- Verified

Motor mounts commonly fail, causing engine vibrations to be transferred to the body. Failed motor mounts should be replaced in order to prevent damage to the transmission mount.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL Questions and Answers

larryg123, 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL, Studio City, CA

where is the fuel filter located?

oej, 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL, Las Vegas, NV

The car was chilly on the trip south from Idaho in zero degree weather. The coolant is up to level. The blower is magnificent. The heater hoses are hot. The engine temperature is 85 degrees cen...

boneyarddog, 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL, Casa Grande, AZ

position but not turn any further what is the problem?

boneyarddog, 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL, Casa Grande, AZ

all the way and want info on how to remove it thanks

boneyarddog, 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL, Casa Grande, AZ

do i need specail tools?

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