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2008 Mazda Tribute

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2008 Mazda Tribute Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor tends to fail. The DPFE sensor monitors function of the EGR valve by measuring pressure changes in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Symptoms of a failing DPFE sensor are hesitation or stumbling when driving along with illumination of the Check Engine Light.

Engine -- Verified

If the engine is misfiring, it may be caused by a damaged wire(s) which connect the fuel injectors to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The damaged wire(s) can be repaired or the emission wire harness replaced. A misfire can result in a loss of engine performance and illumination of the Check Engine Light.

Engine -- Verified

If the engine stalls after a cold start (the vehicle has been parked for a while), the idle air control (IAC) valve may be sticking. It may be fouled with carbon buildup. If cleaning the valve does not solve the problem, replacement will be needed.

2008 Mazda Tribute Recalls (Recent)

Engine, July 26, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Mazda Tribute models equipped with a V6 engine are being recalled because inadequate clearance between the engine cover and the speed control cable connector could result in a stuck throttle when the accelerator pedal is fully or almost fully depressed. This risk exists regardless of whether or not the speed control (cruise control) is used.

A stuck throttle may result in very high vehicle speeds and make it difficult to stop or slow the vehicle, which could result in a crash. Dealers will correct this concern by increasing the engine cover clearance. Remedy parts are expected to be available in mid-August. Until then, dealers will disconnect the speed control cable as an interim remedy if parts are not available at the time of an owner's service appointment. The Mazda recall number is 6812G.


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2008 Mazda Tribute Questions and Answers

Tribute 2008, 2008 Mazda Tribute, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Chesterfield, MA

I had to perform a repair in the front of my 2008 tribute and when I try to start only the head ligths goes on, any of the panel system turns on, no switch no nothing.
How can I get an electrical ...

jj1425, 2008 Mazda Tribute, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Lewisville, TX

I hear a loud noise coming from the front end of my mazda tribute around where the belts are. When you press the gas it takes a min to catch speed.

Woodcarver1956, 2008 Mazda Tribute, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Concord, NC

Trying to replace the shift knob, and I can't figure out how to remove the old one. Usually they just unscrew. But I've tried everything I can think of to get this one off.

rosedawson54, 2008 Mazda Tribute, Sherman, TX

the thermostate isn't sticking

lonestarldy, 2008 Mazda Tribute, Bandera, TX

My icon of the wrench comes on meaning the power train/ throttel control. I am getting a diagnostic but a prelim said an oil change problem?

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