1997 Mazda Protege Repair and Maintenance

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Mazda Protege
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1997 Mazda Protege
$663 to $1,055
1997 Mazda Protege
$271 to $381
1997 Mazda Protege
$296 to $497
1997 Mazda Protege
$416 to $1,145
1997 Mazda Protege
$220 to $412

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The timing belt tensioner pulley may make a squealing noise from the timing cover area on cold startup. An updated tensioner with a thicker mounting bracket to eliminate vibration may be needed to solve the problem.

An electrically shorted air flow sensor can cause a crank-no start condition. Diagnosis may show that ignition spark is normal, and there are no trouble codes stored.

A loose or corroded ground terminal on the driver's side of the cylinder head can cause a rough idle, misfires, and there may be trouble codes. Restore the ground to the cylinder head.

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Was driving car stalled out try to restart but just turns over nut restarting

Now seems to need a transmission. Getting quotes of $1300-1,700 just to rebuild. Is it worth putting that kind of money into it?

we tried bleeding by pushing in and out the clutch..it wont get pressure....clutch still no pressure.

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The electrical portion of the ignition switch may lack proper grease at the contact points, leading to the points becoming conductive and overheating. Dealers will replace the ignition switch free of charge to resolve the concern.

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i cant say enough good about my 97 Mazda Protege....Nick named the MAZDARATTI.....it`s a great little car that I commute in 63 miles around trip 4 days a week.... gets 33 mpg.. thats 335 miles on a tank of gas.my car has 153000 but now needs a new clutch,which is what brought me to this forum.I plan to put 50,000 more miles on it after the clutch repair at a asian only mechanic.low miataina...

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