1990 Mazda MX-6 Repair and Maintenance

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1990 Mazda MX-6
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1990 Mazda MX-6
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1990 Mazda MX-6
1 answer
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1990 Mazda MX-6
$84 to $170
1990 Mazda MX-6
$107 to $136
1990 Mazda MX-6
$332 to $513
1990 Mazda MX-6
$598 to $826
1990 Mazda MX-6
$322 to $393

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Our technicians report the original paint tends to fade and the clear coat peels off, though many cars have now been repainted.

If the engine runs poorly or stalls while being driven in the reverse, the intake tube between the mass airflow sensor and throttle body may be split. The damaged intake ducting will need to be replaced.

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fuel pump reley is wear and does a fues cause the pump not to come on

After car is started and shift lever moved to forward or reverse, nothing happens.there is no response at all. Is there a mechanical or electronic link to the transmision?

Really 1988, I thought this was alignment maybe but a friend mentioned that one side may be the "drive" side of the axle which is split (?). I have had new tires and alignment done a year ago but still always pulls to the right HARD!

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My mazda mx6 was running well until last week when i went to change gear into drive it turned off. it turns on ok and when i change gear it turns off took it to the shop and they dont know whats wrong with it ! somebody know what can be wrong ?

I actually have a 1988 model and it has been a great car. I bought it used 1 year ago from a meticulous owner who recorded every gasoline purchase and kept the vehicle garaged. It is fun to drive, quick up to speed, feels very sporty driving, solid body, good paint life, very comfortable seats, ergonomic, way ahead of its time at the time. It is completely dead right now but my battery was v...

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