2000 Mazda MPV Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2000 Mazda MPV

Defective or worn out ignition coils can cause engine misfires and Check Engine Light illumination. If the problem is severe enough engine performance will suffer and the Check Engine light will flash on and off.

The cooling fan module can fail causing the fan to either run constantly, or not operate at all. If the fan runs continuously, the engine may not warm up properly, and if the fan does not run, the engine may overheat. Mazda has a voluntary recall on model years 2002-2003 to address this concern. Please click here to find a Mazda dealer near you.

The PCV valve can crack open and create a vacuum leak and lean fuel mixture, which can result in surging and/or engine misfires.

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It overheated and sprung a leak. I changed stat and not overheating but engine smokes and engine oil light blinks and engine rattles

car is 1999 mazda mpv auto... when you go to accelerate it feels like the timing is missing and gutless like its struggling to pick up speed but eventually does. No engine light has come on, hubby seems to think maybe the transmission? Could it be spark plugs or something to do with the fuel? Any...

A CD is stuck inside the CD player. It was working fine before. Is there a way to get it out?

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The layout of the brake lines on non-ABS equipped vehicles is improper, which may cause extended stopping distances and insufficient brake operation. Dealers will modify the brake lines to comply.

The Tire Inflation Pressure Label lists the incorrect tire air pressure. Mazda sent owners a replacement label with corrected information to be installed.

Improper or missing tire information labels will not provide proper information regarding tire fitment and air pressure. Mazda sent MPV owners replacement labels for the vehicle and owners manual.

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good4/4to be20 years old my madza is a 1994 4x4 not a 2000 madza I like motor in the front straight and the rear end in the rear Don't like the new ones 1999 and up that is frint wheel drive they are a pain to work on gear head at 640

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