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1995 Mazda MPV

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1995 Mazda MPV Problems

Engine -- Verified

If the engine cranks but won't start, the fault may be internal to the distributor. Diagnosis will show no spark and trouble codes for the crankshaft position sensor (CKP) or the camshaft position sensor (CMP). Our technicians recommend replacement of the complete distributor assembly if these conditions occur.

Engine -- Verified

A loud ticking noise (hydraulic valve lifter noise) may be heard from the top of the engine, particularly when the engine is still cold. The noise may occur more frequently on higher mileage vehicles; Hydraulic valve lash adjusters may need to be replaced to correct this issue. Following the maintenance schedule for oil changes will also help prevent a recurrence of the noise.

Engine -- Verified

If a rumbling noise is heard from the engine, along with a possible loss in power, it may be caused by a collapsed hydraulic timing belt tensioner creating excessive cam backlash. Our technicians recommend replacing the timing belt and water pump at the same time, if they have not been recently replaced.

Engine -- Verified

A leaking coolant pump can leak onto the timing belt and cause it to tear. Our technicians recommend replacing the coolant pump and timing belt every 60,000 miles to help avoid this problem. It is also important to follow the fill procedure for coolant on this engine to avoid problems.

1995 Mazda MPV Questions and Answers

mrburgosl, 1995 Mazda MPV, 3.0L V6, Walden, NY

on sat mar 27,2010 the upper hose on my mazda mpv (1995) 4wheel burst ireplaced the hose and antifrezz and it still wont start iknow its electric i just dont know were

dwlj_dj, 1995 Mazda MPV, 3.0L V6, Wharton, TX

My 1995 Mazda MPV van, 3.0L w/ac and automatic transmission was running kind of rough. I decided to cange the fuel filter and after I did this the van would not turn over. I can hear a clicking sou...

Tamela, 1995 Mazda MPV, 3.0L V6, Duncan, SC

The coil is good, because it has been replaced. The ECU also replaced. Any other suggestions?

smoke1, 1995 Mazda MPV, 3.0L V6, Vancouver, WA

the book says the compression on each cylinder should be 126psi-196psi what kind of costs to get them back to normal

Visitor, 1995 Mazda MPV, 3.0L V6, Vacaville, CA

overheating occurs during heavy traffic/ otherwise car runs well..

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1995 Mazda MPV Reviews

After we replaced the catalytic converter, the engine was working very nicely. We do have challenges with a fluttering type of noise, but this is a great older car and relatively reliable.
It takes a bit to get it started, so we may be purchasing a replacement for the starter next.

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