2000 Mazda Millenia Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2000 Mazda Millenia

2000 Mazda Millenia Problems

Misfires under load (acceleration) can be caused by the valve cover gaskets leaking oil into the spark plug wells shorting the spark plugs to the cylinder head. New spark plug wires will be needed and the valve cover needs to be resealed.

The passages for the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system can become restricted or clogged causing the Check Engine Light to illuminate. The EGR valve will need to be inspected and the passages cleaned.

The oil seals on the supercharger can fail and cause excessive oil consumption and bluish gray smoke from the tail pipe. Supercharger replacement is commonly required to correct this concern, this can also be an expensive repair.

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2000 Mazda Millenia Questions

No communication from pcm to tcm.

So the mechanic found a used engine with 30k less on it and told me he could do it for 1100, but what about an overhaul? Are those successcul in mazdas or are they just too tempormental to work on? I haven't had a lot of luck with mechanics lately. They seem to be working me either way.

The cars starts & runs for about 10 min,then the charging lite goes on. You then have a couple minutes to get it home or pull over. I'm pretty sure it's the alternator. The serpentine belt was replaced last week.

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2000 Mazda Millenia Reviews

I know you are out there, Milenium owners with 2.3l supercharged equipped engines, downstream O2 codes, new O2's, still setting codes, new converters, still setting codes. I fought this battle for a year and a half trying to get the car inspected. There are two causes for this condition I believe. First obvious is bad converter(s). I had mine "flowed" or tested at the dealer ($85) after I i...

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