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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2008 Mazda B4000

2008 Mazda B4000

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2008 Mazda B4000 Problems

Engine -- Verified

Water intrusion into a connector (X309) located under the cab, beneath the driver's seat, can cause a rough idle, erratic speedometer operation, ABS Light and Check Engine Light illumination, and automatic transmission shifting problems. If needed, connector repair parts are available from Mazda dealers, and possibly some Ford dealers.

Engine -- Verified

If the engine cranks but does not start, it may be caused by a tripped inertia switch. Switch the key to "ON" and the fuel pump should be heard running for a second or two. Listen at the gas filler if necessary. The inertia switch is located on the firewall and can be tripped when the parking brake is set too hard and then released. The inertia switch should be reset, and will click when it is reset.

Engine -- Verified

The engine may fail to start due to an electrically shorted sensor. Some of the sensors may internally short and not blow any fuses. A technician may find no spark and no operation of the fuel injectors in the diagnosis. One way a technician may isolate the defective sensor is by disconnecting sensors one by one to see if the engine starts.

Engine -- Verified

A dirty, or contaminated mass airflow sensor (MAF) can cause the engine to run poorly. The Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate.  MAF sensor related fault codes P0102 and/or P0103 may be stored. In some cases, carefully cleaning the sensor element will fix the problem. If not, replacement of the sensor may be required.

2008 Mazda B4000 Questions and Answers

trucklover, 2008 Mazda B4000, Rocky Point, NC

My knob for regulating whether heat or cool comes out of vents is not working.Only heat comes out of vents.Even if I turn knob to left to cold heat still comes out.What is the problem and how can I...

trucklover, 2008 Mazda B4000, Rocky Point, NC

where is the heater control valve?

trucklover, 2008 Mazda B4000, Rocky Point, NC

where is the acuator located that recirculates air or blends cool and hot air?

obon299, 2008 Mazda B4000, Minneapolis, MN

Every time I do an oil change I can smell gas in my oil and the oil level has gone up slightly (about 1/8"). I would like to know if this is normal or if it has to be repaired. If it has to be...

Caper13, 2008 Mazda B4000, Rocky Point, NC

I made the mistake of buying this Ford manufactured 2008 Mazda B4000 truck. Its possesed I swear. Dash warning lights were all coming on, horn randomly blows on its own, radio comes on and off or...

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