1990 Mazda B2200 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1990 Mazda B2200

Repair Estimates

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1990 Mazda B2200
$685 to $1,185
1990 Mazda B2200
$278 to $468
1990 Mazda B2200
$554 to $845
1990 Mazda B2200
$103 to $211
1990 Mazda B2200
$68 to $132

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The engine may develop a crank no start condition due to a faulty ignition switch. The ignition switch will require replacement to correct this concern.

The anti-lock brake (ABS) warning light may illuminate due to an internal fault with the ABS hydraulic valve assembly. Our technicians tell us that replacement of the hydraulic valve assembly will be necessary to correct this concern.

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has a little high idle when I put in drive it idles down engine runs perfect going down the road when applying the brakes the engine stalls but restarts perfec

The truck is running on just three cylinders and has no power and horrible fuel economy.Its the #4 cylinder.It has good compression but there is no change when I remove the plug wire on that cylinder.All the wires,plugs and distributer are all new so any suggestions

Nothing comes on

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I have a 1990 B2200. Have had it overhauled. Have changed oil and put in correct amount and check transmission fluid for correct level. Drive it for a while and re-check levels. Transmission fluid will be low and oil be overfull. No visible signs of leakage. Also will have white puff of smoke come out the back of truck periodically. Keeps running ok. Any answers?

Excellent vehicle, all around

Mine is actually a 1988 with over 203,000 miles. How can you complain about a truck with that many miles that has not incurred any major repairs! Over the years, I've replaced the fuel pump 3 times and the starter but that's about it. Back when I ran it a lot, I carefully adhered to Mazda's scheduled maintenance program. The biggest expense from doing that was replacing the timing belt every 60...

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