1992 Mazda 626 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1992 Mazda 626

1992 Mazda 626 Problems

Misfires Under Load

Misfires under load (acceleration) can be caused by leaky spark plug boots. When a spark plug boot leaks, it allows the spark to arc, or jump, to the cylinder head. If evidence of arcing can be seen on the inside of the spark plug boot, new spark plug wires will be needed.

Knocking from suspension on rough roads due to worn or loose sway bar links
A knocking sound heard from the front or rear suspension while driving over rough roads may be caused by the sway bar linkages. The linkages should be inspected for tightness and condition; there are redesigned linkages if replacement is necessary.
Surging When Driving in Forward Gears

If the engine surges while being driven in the forward gears, the intake tube between the mass airflow sensor and throttle body may be split. The damaged intake ducting will need to be replaced.

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1992 Mazda 626 Questions

Replace leaking seal on steering rack driver side (1 answer)

Leaks out the end of the boot

llength of time to replace water pump (1 answer)

Im wondering how long it will take to change the water pump in a 1992 mazda 626, four cylinder non turbo.

feedback code (1 answer)

My check engine light is popping on after awhile of driving.. I had a diagnostic test done and found out I have a code 17-feedback code..What is this and what can I do to fix my car

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1992 Mazda 626 Recalls

Recall 93E035000

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