2002 Lincoln Town Car Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2002 Lincoln Town Car

2002 Lincoln Town Car Problems

Sagging suspension can be a result of air suspension struts and/or drier leaking air. These type of air leaks can lead to failure of the air suspension compressor.

Check the battery cable ends frequently for corrosion. Corrosion can easily migrate under the cable insulation and cause numerous electrical faults and drivability issues.

Erratic engine coolant temperature or intermittent overheating can be caused by corrosion inside the water pump. The impeller may spin on the water pump shaft or the impeller may corrode. Either condition reduces coolant circulation resulting in engine overheating.


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2002 Lincoln Town Car Questions

My mechanic said it was stripped but had bought a repair kit..change all the coils..but they still are popping out.then he said it Could be my fuel pump going out.also because the car shut off when it's started

Which fuse do I switch out for cooling fan?

My 2002 Lincoln town car cartier 4.6 v-8 is using oil about 1 qt every 500 miles it sometimes has blue smoke coming from tail pipe upon starting the car then stops
The car only has. 65350 on it does anyone know what is causing this what would it cost to fix this should I just sell the car or f...

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2002 Lincoln Town Car Reviews

I bought the Executive "L" Series Livery (Limousine) edition 3-4 years ago with 269,000 miles. It now has 562,000 miles and still going. Of course it has it issues but, still a strong car. Best car I over owned. Hate to see the TC go.

I do not think you can find a more universal car . mine an 02 signature limited has 175 k on it its had some wear issues, like most cars brakes, tires, o2sensors shocks. It has lots of room averages 20 mpg city & highway 25 mpg highway if you keep it at 60 mph.Parts are very reasonable has a big trunk everybody says what a classy car it has that big car ride and feel . Here is the best part I ...

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