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2012 Lincoln Navigator

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2012 Lincoln Navigator Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., January 30, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

These vehicles may have inadequate welds on the head restraint support brackets for the second row, right side seat. In the event of a crash, the head restraint may not provide adequate protection, increasing the risk of personal injury. Dealers will replace the head restraints as necessary to correct this concern. The Ford recall number is 12C22.

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Electrical & Lights, April 30, 2012

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Certain vehicles may have been assembled with a transmission range sensor (TRS) that was calibrated out of specification for reverse gear. If this condition exists, the transmission may not properly engage reverse gear and/or if reverse gear does engage, the "R" indicator on the dash or the backup lamps may not illuminate. These conditions increase the risk of a crash or a pedestrian being struck due to the vehicle's not signaling it is in reverse. Dealers will inspect and replace the transmission range sensor as necessary to correct this concern. The Ford recall number is 12C23.

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