2012 Lincoln MKX Repair and Maintenance

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2012 Lincoln MKX
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2012 Lincoln MKX
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2012 Lincoln MKX
$287 to $733
2012 Lincoln MKX
$423 to $1,033
2012 Lincoln MKX
$802 to $1,829

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A fluid leak may be noted from the axle area. Red fluid is from the transmission. Brown fluid is from the power transfer unit (PTU). Leaks are commonly from the axle seal and/or PTU cover seal. Leaking seals should be replaced as necessary.

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In the affected vehicles, the halfshaft retention clip may not have been properly installed. As a result, without prior warning the halfshaft may move outward and disengage from the linkshaft while driving. This would result in loss of engine power to the drive wheels. Dealers will inspect the vehicles to make sure that the halfshaft is properly retained. If it is not, dealers will replace the linkshaft and also replace the halfshaft if it shows evidence of spline damage.

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