2007 Lincoln MKX Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2007 Lincoln MKX

2007 Lincoln MKX Problems

A fluid leak may be noted from the axle area. Red fluid is from the transmission. Brown fluid is from the power transfer unit (PTU). Leaks are commonly from the axle seal and/or PTU cover seal. Leaking seals should be replaced as necessary.

The foam seal between the dash and the windshield may slip out of place due to failed adhesive. Our technicians tell us the windshield must be removed in order to replace the foam seal.

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2007 Lincoln MKX Questions

Cooling fans quit working and have checked everything but relay, but can not find it to check?????

My 2007 Lincoln MKX is smoking under the hood and making a loud ding/rubbing noise when I drive but when I bag back it's making a squinting noise

my car made loud screeching noise and a/c stopped working.it has 140k miles. just from my past experiences I assumed it was a/c clutch.I got a used compressor,put it on,pulled vacuum,and tried to add freon, but comp would not kick on.It keeps blowing the a/c clutch fuse.I tried to track down a sh...

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2007 Lincoln MKX Reviews

Not sure what we did. This thing with 97000 on the odometer, 2 days after buying, ( with great reviews) ...later discussion. Black fluid leaks and after searching that I find all sorts of unhappy campers. WOW. Had this piece for a week and regretting it already. Who knows where the repairs end with this (Black fluid leak)I am so disappointed there was no mention of the problem in initial reviews.

My transmission is slipping. I have 9100 miles and still owe 16k. What should I do?

My PTU Power Train Unit just went, leaking at 78K miles. By my experience and other reviews sounds like purchasing extended warranty is a must. Luckly I purchased extended 100K warranty so repair/replacement will be covered. Mine had a defective rim that makes at ticking noise on turns, had to replace it, not covered under warranty, $600 for the rim. Other than that it has been a very nice,...

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