2002 Lincoln LS Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2002 Lincoln LS

2002 Lincoln LS
$200 to $431
2002 Lincoln LS
$106 to $504
2002 Lincoln LS
$241 to $438
2002 Lincoln LS
$102 to $439
2002 Lincoln LS
$1,560 to $4,190

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Erratic engine coolant temperature or intermittent overheating can be caused by corrosion inside the water pump. The impeller may spin on the water pump shaft or the impeller may corrode. Either condition reduces coolant circulation resulting in engine overheating.


In high dust areas, problems with the EGR system are common. The filter for the EGR solenoid may plug and cause the EGR to activate when it should not; this can cause the engine to stall. The dirty filter should be replaced to correct this concern.

Even though the manufacturer does not call for regular servicing, our technicians recommend servicing the power steering fluid regularly.

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Turned it off running good! 10 minutes later started it up was running a little rough ! Next time I started it 20 minutes later I ran very rough and would nor rev up then just died ! Now out won't start not even hit ! Splns over won't start !

My Lincoln won't pass the smog test. The mechanic said to drive it 100 miles n it should pass. Done it, still won't pass. He said to drive for another 50 miles. He said he can't even get a code. Please help

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I bought the 2002 in 2004 for my wife. Because I'm a mechanic the spark/valve cover link problem was not too much of an issue. And the steering clock replacement wasn't too difficult. I would not recommend this vehicle to someone who does not do their own car repairs unless money is not an issue. If money is not an issue though you probablem wouldn't be buying this car. I however love it. The a...

Engine and transmission have been problem after problem since the day I bought it. I regret ever stepping foot onto the lot that day. Thousands of dollars in repairs and now it's in the shop for another (not covered / warrantied ) problem. The motor for the radiator fan and the pump. $1700! I still owe $9000 on this car, anyone want to buy it??? Maybe it's just the 2002's?

valve cover gaskets are guarantee to go bad! thus coil packs will be next to go. repairs are not easy and seem to be one after another. snappy and fast though. rides and handles like a dream with a flashy look. overall i like the car but have pocket book handy cause they seem to be a needy car with more problems than any other luxery sport car, but when the car is problem free, its hard to beat.

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