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2005 Lexus SC430

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2005 Lexus SC430 Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

A squeak type noise may be noted from one or both front seats. Squeaks can be caused by contact between the seat track locating pins and the vehicle floor pan. Our technicians tell us the repair involves removing some of the seat locating pins.

2005 Lexus SC430 Questions and Answers

Visitor, 2005 Lexus SC430, 4.3L V8, Manhasset, NY

from apr7 to apr12 i chenged 2times o2sensor 1 bank 1 s..Hw lites check ang.;AVS and AVS OFF still on...we can find problems..please halp as..lexus cs430 2005...thanks

Neal4suits, 2005 Lexus SC430, 4.3L V8, Wilmington, NC

How do you get access to the 3rd (middle) rear brake light located on the trunk in order to change the bulb?

rjones300s, 2005 Lexus SC430, 4.3L V8, Washington, DC

When I start the car up I get a noise, kind of like a pop when a sterro is turned on, but I get no sound from the radio or cd player. I am able to tune the tuner and the volume control appears to ...

Donald Austin, 2005 Lexus SC430, 4.3L V8, Greenville, SC

I need to know how to close my map dvd

Visitor, 2005 Lexus SC430, Lincoln, CA

I don't want to force anything and it's not obvious to me what to do in what sequence,,Help. I don't want to pay Lexus $75 to replace a light bulb!

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2005 Lexus SC430 Reviews

I have owned muscle cars and performance cars for most of my life.. This is the car id rather be driving!! it looks great, has tons of power, always draws stares and thumbs ups.. drop the top and it simply screams look at me! mine is the pebble beach edition, Id never owned a non us made car before, but id take this over all the cars ive ever owned

Will someone who knows please tell me whatI can expect to pay for high performance tires for my SC430 and do they require an alignment when put on new? I believe balance is in the price of the tires, is that true?

Until you own an SC430, you just can't comprehend how you become part of the car, once you're behind the wheel. You're not just driving, you're involved; changing lanes, the ML sound system, the V8 sound, all of that neat stuff!! What a car: Love it!

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