1995 Lexus SC300 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1995 Lexus SC300

1995 Lexus SC300
$302 to $441
1995 Lexus SC300
$411 to $489
1995 Lexus SC300
$280 to $387
1995 Lexus SC300
$411 to $582
1995 Lexus SC300
$289 to $377

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There are reports of LED problems in the dashboard gauges. The lights burn out, making the gauges difficult to see at night, and require replacement.

There are reports of intermittent failures with the heating and air conditioning control. The digital display might fail or the control might fail to switch between heater functions.

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every couple of days or so especially when cold but does do it when warm out also?

Seems to be uncertain of what great it wants to be in, sometimes starts from a stop, in over drive, had 3 mechanics look at it, threw no codes, and drives perfectly fine for them,....but fits on me 3 miles after I pick it up....I'm thinking speed sensor...you???

The overdrive does not engage sometime causing the engine to rev at high RPMs?

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Driven many, many cars. This Lexus is probably top 3 cars for the money. 225,000 miles, looks and drives like new. Great car.

I've owned my car for 5 years,very reliable.I wish there was more acceleration from com[plete stop.I think part of the reason is the 4 speed tranny and the weight of the car(very heavy).Overall great car.Still a headturner.

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