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1994 Lexus SC300
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1994 Lexus SC300
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1994 Lexus SC300
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1994 Lexus SC300
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1994 Lexus SC300
$622 to $862
1994 Lexus SC300
$328 to $420
1994 Lexus SC300
$256 to $349

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There are reports of LED problems in the dashboard gauges. The lights burn out, making the gauges difficult to see at night, and require replacement.

There are reports of intermittent failures with the heating and air conditioning control. The digital display might fail or the control might fail to switch between heater functions.

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I need to remove the passenger seat so I can get to the engine ecm. Is there a fairly easy way to do this?

Does anyone know the location and removal process of the engine ECM on my 94 Lexus SC 300? Can I get the part number off it before removal?

I just checked my trouble code and got a 14 (ignition signal). Does anyone know the things to check for?

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I just purchased a 1994 Lexus SC 300 on 1/28/2012. It doesn't have the owners manual and was wondering where the switch is located for the heated seats.

I bought my car in 2003. It had 125,000 miles on it. So far the things I needed replacing was the air conditioning, front struts, radiator. Other than that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car. Actually its the best car I have ever owned. I now have 185,000 miles on it. Most people think my car is quite new since I take really good care of it. I would definitely buy another Lexus.

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