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2008 Lexus RX400h

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2008 Lexus RX400h Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate with code P0AA6 stored for a hybrid battery isolation fault. Our technicians tell us this may be caused by water intrusion into the high voltage battery case. The water may be a result of cracking body seam dealer above the rear door strut mount. Any water leaks should be repaired and the high voltage battery system inspected for water damage and repaired and dried as necessary.

2008 Lexus RX400h Recalls (Recent)

Drive Train, September 4, 2013

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Two of the main control modules for the hybrid drive system are the Inverter Module and the Intelligent Power Module (IPM), which is located inside the Invertor Module. The IPM can operate at temperatures high enough to damage its electrical solder connections. Damaged solder joints can result in illumination of warning lights, various drivability concerns, and possible stalling of the hybrid drive system. Dealers will replace the IPM on affected vehicles to correct this concern.

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2008 Lexus RX400h Questions and Answers

jimbo48, 2008 Lexus RX400h, 3.3L V6, Fresno, CA

Do 2008 Lexus RX400h models have problems with alignment and early tire wear?

Nancy Skean, 2008 Lexus RX400h, 3.3L V6, East Hampton, NY

I have had a problem starting my hybrid about three times now. When I turn the key the "ready light" does not come on. I have taken the key out to try it again and nothing happens. After ...

Wandaflem, 2008 Lexus RX400h, 3.3L V6, Owens Cross Roads, AL

Is it okay to have another party flush the coolant instead of Lexus?

mita, 2008 Lexus RX400h, Pearl, MS

my way to work this morning, the check engine light came up. Lexus dealership said the gas cap is not sealing properly that is the reason the light came up and i need to order a new cap. this car h...

aginah2003, 2008 Lexus RX400h, 3.3L V6, South Bend, IN

my engine the water pumps was leaking, I have drove this car for five year, and recall after recall, my non hybrid battery drain before the warranty is out, and now, I had to purchase a water pumps...

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2008 Lexus RX400h Reviews

Hade the same problem with the low tire pressure on. Could not get rid of it. It is still on

Love my car. Wish the mileage was better (about 26 mpg. Only problem is the "low tire" idot light is always on, even after filling tires with air. Might be the spare, which I can't get to without having it up on a lift.

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