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2012 Lexus RX350

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2012 Lexus RX350 Recalls (Recent)

Brakes, February 12, 2014

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The brake system contains an actuator that adjusts the fluid pressure to the brake at each wheel. An electrical component inside the actuator may experience an increased electrical resistance resulting in the illumination of various warning lights, including those for the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system, Antilock Brake System (ABS), and Traction Control system. As a result, these systems may not function as expected, reducing directional control assistance and increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will update the software for the Skid Control module to correct this concern.

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2012 Lexus RX350 Questions and Answers

mgru, 2012 Lexus RX350, Miami, FL

before the check eng light came up, i was driving and it felt like engine stopped and then turned back on, it was almost like some one hit me in the back, but no one did, and now it makes some kind...

HER Realtor, 2012 Lexus RX350, Galena, OH

The srs airbag system light is coming on and I can't start my car. It make a lot of clicking sounds but will not start up.

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