2009 Lexus LX570 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2009 Lexus LX570

2009 Lexus LX570
$631 to $872
2009 Lexus LX570
$189 to $284
2009 Lexus LX570
$459 to $696
2009 Lexus LX570
$538 to $666
2009 Lexus LX570
$39 to $99

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The heater in the climate controlled seat may stop working after 5-10 minutes of use. Our technicians tell us an updated seat climate controller is available to correct this concern.

The remote engine start function will not operate in extremely cold temperatures (-22 degrees F and lower). Our technicians tell us no repair should be attempted, this is normal operation for the remote engine start system in this vehicle.

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I am not sure this SUV that it has timing belt or timing chain.

i have replaced the 4 accumulators and the AHC pump, yet the car shows the same fault on the scanner C1763 and it keeps bouncing, any ideas would be most appreciated, oh the jeep is armored level 6.

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The accelerator pedal can become trapped under an unsecured or incompatible floor mat. This can cause the accelerator pedal to stick in the wide open position, increasing the risk of a crash. At this time, the remedy plan is still under development, but will most likely involve modification or replacement of the accelerator pedal and Toyota all-weather floor mats. No schedule of owner notification is available at this time. The Toyota recall number is 90L; the Lexus number is 90LG.

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