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2006 Lexus LX470

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2006 Lexus LX470 Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an evaporative emission (EVAP) system fault. Our technicians tell us these EVAP system faults can be difficult to diagnose but it is not uncommon to find a failed charcoal canister or a loose or worn gas cap.

2006 Lexus LX470 Recalls (Recent)

Suspension & Steering, August 23, 2010

RepairPal Expert Overview:

A snap ring securing the steering shaft may disengage in the event of severe impact of the front wheel. If the snap ring is disengaged and the steering wheel is repeatedly turned to the lock position, over time, the steering shaft could become disconnected. This would result in loss of steering control, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the snap ring with a newly designed one and install an additional device to prevent separation of the steering shaft. This recall is expected to begin on August 23, 2010.

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2006 Lexus LX470 Questions and Answers

Halie, 2006 Lexus LX470, Capistrano Beach, CA

Speakers worked when car was turned off. No sound in any mode when car turned back on. Turned car off again, on again, then speakers worked for a second before quitting. No sound now.

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