2000 Lexus LS400 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2000 Lexus LS400


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2000 Lexus LS400
$395 to $618
2000 Lexus LS400
$526 to $996
2000 Lexus LS400
$628 to $1,122
2000 Lexus LS400
$687 to $990
2000 Lexus LS400
$705 to $2,734

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Higher mileage cars can develop creaking and groaning noises in the front suspension, particularly when coming to a quick stop. Inspection and replacement of any worn parts should correct this concern.

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anything over very slow will come out the overflow. Takes several min to finally get a full tank.

the light stays on the car runs fine just scared to drive

I have new battery but my battery Light is still on

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Best car I ever owned - and I've had Mercedes (450SL), Cadillacs, Volvo (Bertone) and Lincolns. Not one of them could touch my Lexus (not even close).

I purchased this car new and now have 208000 plus miles on it. My wife and I made many trips of over 3000 miles over the years in it,and we never had a single problem. The only money spent on this car has been for normal maintenance and for things that are subject to wearing out, such as batteries, timing belts (2) alignments. and a very few lights. This has been by far the best riding and most...

this car cost Mercedes Benz lead engineer his job! (due to panic decisions) and for good resin, it is better than any Mercedes of the pre-2000 era

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