2004 Lexus GX470 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Lexus GX470

2004 Lexus GX470
$468 to $685
2004 Lexus GX470
$697 to $1,075
2004 Lexus GX470
$801 to $1,239
2004 Lexus GX470
$300 to $458
2004 Lexus GX470
$514 to $813

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A clunk type noise may be noted from the rear of the vehicle just before or just after coming to a stop. Our Technicians tell us a revised rear driveshaft and rear suspension control arms are available to correct this concern.

The sunroof may not close correctly or jam due to alignment issues. Our technicians tell us a wind deflector kit is available to correct this issue.

The airbag warning light may illuminate whit code B0111 and/or B0116 stored. Our technicians tell us the an updated wiring harness is available which should correct this concern.

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The dealership that services my car tells me that there is a leak on the passenger side of the radiator and recommends replacement. How do I verify that there is a leak and is replacement the only solution and the cost they have given seems very high. What is the norm to replace both parts and la...

Started doing it with people sitting in back but does it all the time on any rough road.

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I want to know how to change my oil in my Lexus GX470. Thanks

our sunroof doesn't close and sounds like it is off it's track. Same with our power windows sometimes. Sometimes they go down, but do not go up. VERY SAD FOR A LEXUS! Can fix this for a small penny! :(

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