2011 Lexus GS350 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2011 Lexus GS350

Repair Estimates

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2011 Lexus GS350
$423 to $612
2011 Lexus GS350
$405 to $562
2011 Lexus GS350
$72 to $142
2011 Lexus GS350
$675 to $909
2011 Lexus GS350
$621 to $838

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Due to the remnants of anti-corrosion plating, a fuel leak may develop from where the fuel pressure sensor is attached to the fuel delivery pipe. Any fuel leak always increases the risk of a fire. Dealers will clean and reseal the area of the fuel pressure sensor to correct this concern.


Many modern engines use a computer controlled mechanical system known as Variable-Valve Timing (VVT) to adjust engine valve timing based on operating conditions. Vehicles equipped with a V-6 engine and VVT are being recalled because bolts securing components of the VVT system could become loose due to normal impacts generated immediately after starting the engine when cold. The loose bolts could cause the VVT gear housing and sprocket to separate. This would cause the engine to stop while the vehicle is being driven, increasing the risk of a crash. Lexus dealers will replace the VVT unit on affected engines to correct this concern.

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