2000 Lexus GS300 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2000 Lexus GS300

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2000 Lexus GS300 Problems

Check Engine LIght With Code P0135, P0141, P0155, or P0161

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an O2 sensor heater fault. Most commonly the affected O2 sensor will need to be replaced to correct this concern.

Check Engine Light Due to EVAP System Fault

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an EVAP system fault. These faults are commonly EVAP canister or gas cap related. Our technicians recommend diagnosing the stored fault codes before replacing any components.

Excess Engine Oil Consumption

Sludge can build up in the engine because Lexus did not recommend frequent enough oil changes. Lexus will sometimes offer a discount on cleaning the engine if necessary. Owners who changed their oil every 3,000 miles did not experience these problems. This sludge build up can lead to excessive oil consumption.

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2000 Lexus GS300 Questions

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What years interchange with 2000 Lexus gs300

How do i turn off security arlam light (1 answer)

I did change computer main box and reset completed but sucurity light still on how can i do it to turn it off or cut it off

Driver side floorboard gets hot after driving for 20min (1 answer)

The check engine light comes on and will go off after a day or two

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2000 Lexus GS300 Reviews

based on 3 customer reviews
i bought 2000 lexus runs for one min. then i drive iit for 1 min. then turns off then put it park then take off key then turns on again same thing again and again can some tell me whats wrong ...
Love this car but always gotta replace a part
Best car I've owned. Will buy another Lexus.

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