2011 Lexus ES350 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2011 Lexus ES350

Repair Estimates

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2011 Lexus ES350
$452 to $1,119
2011 Lexus ES350
$165 to $253
2011 Lexus ES350
$811 to $1,232
2011 Lexus ES350
$333 to $534
2011 Lexus ES350
$39 to $99

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Car has a defective part which Lexus will not admit too, a defective axle assembly.

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Just bought a 2011 ES 350, dealer sold me a warranty called CustomEdge "ultimate" by Warrantech, 72 months for $1900. Having second thoughts....can cancel within 60 days. Sales pitch was that because the car has such sophisticated electronics, any failure can be a very expensive re...

I experience a transmission fluid leak causing the automatic transmission to slip. The dealer identified the problem as corrosion of the tubing between the transmission and the radiator. They claim that this is due to salt in the air "environmental issues" and therefore NOT covered by...

Right outside rear view mirror casing damaged and fell off. Lights work, mirror is in tact. Minimal scratch.

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Display shows 9 miles to empty. Put in 3 gallons. Went down to zero with yellow fuel pump symbol showing up on dash. Putting fuel into car does not re-set the digital display (Miles to Empty)? Have had this happen a few times and went to the dealership who said I didn't have enough fuel in the car to test it!

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