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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1995 Lexus ES300

1995 Lexus ES300

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1995 Lexus ES300 Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because a component of the oxygen sensor stops working. As a result the engine computer is unable to determine the proper ratio of air to fuel for the engine. Replacing the failed oxygen sensor should correct this concern.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

On higher mileage vehicles, an engine misfire may develop and/or the Check Engine Light may illuminate due to a failed ignition coil. It is not uncommon to replace all the coils when the first one fails in order to prevent return trips to the repair shop.

Engine -- Verified

Sludge can build up in the engine because Lexus did not recommend frequent enough oil changes. Lexus will sometimes offer a discount on cleaning the engine if necessary. Owners who changed their oil every 3,000 miles did not experience these problems. This sludge build up can lead to excessive oil consumption.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Intermittent failure of a purge control valve in the evaporative emission system can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. A failed valve should be replaced to correct this problem.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because the mass air flow sensor sends incorrect information to the engine control computer. This can cause a loss of power on acceleration. A failed mass air flow sensor will require replacement.

1995 Lexus ES300 Recalls (Recent)

Suspension & Steering, November 30, 1999


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1995 Lexus ES300 Questions and Answers

Al west, 1995 Lexus ES300, Detroit, MI

1. The Tachometer and odometer
light doesn't illuminate (light up)
2. Passengers door does open from the
outside (inside only)

ramiell, 1995 Lexus ES300, Sunnyvale, CA

when i play my cd the error comes to display.every thing is working also the changer.how can i remove this error??

whrag, 1995 Lexus ES300, Kansas City, MO

I just need to know how to remove headlight assemblies, left and right. I am replacing them. thanks!

semaj, 1995 Lexus ES300, Oklahoma City, OK

I cannot open the RF door from inside or outside. Is there anyone with a suggestion that does not contain the words rip or tear or replace inside door panel? If so please give me advice on how to...

shinequa, 1995 Lexus ES300, 3.0L V6, Columbia, TN

My steering wheel shakes when I'm driving, but ever since I hit the curb it shakes a whole lot more than it was, what is causing the shaking?

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1995 Lexus ES300 Reviews

I LOVE my Lexus. It has been the best used car I have ever owned. I paid $4,900 in march 2003. The car was 8 years old (1995) and had 155K miles.This is a very good solid car. I have had it 8 years and spent about $2,000 TOTAL MAINTENANCE COST over that period of time.

The repairs I have done are:
1-On the rear bank of cylinders the valve cover gasket may start leaking at about 190K miles. I could not do this job myself. I cost me about $400 for parts and labor.
2- the CV axle boots seem to tear on them and then cause the axle to dry out of grease and then go bad. I bought remanufactured axles (like new) and paid $80 per axle ($160 total) and did all the work myself. It would take me one whole day (8-9 hours) to replace the two axles. A shop will charge about $400 labor.
3-When the car gets over 220K miles the rear bearing hubs will start to wear and make some noise. Eventually they go bad and you need to replace them. I waited about 20K miles before I replaced mine. They cost $210 each or $420 total. I replaced these hub assemblies and again it took me an entire day 8-9 hours. A shop would charge about $450 to replace them because you have to take off the rear brakes to get to them (at least on a 1995 model)
4-I had to replace the radiator last spring. Parts $120, did all labor myself.
5-At 245K miles I had to pay a shop to replace a high pressure powersteering pump line. Parts and labor $400.

Things that are worn on the car.
1-Front drivers seat is torn and looks bad, but still comfortable. I am still trying to find an inexpensive ($200-$300) repair fo the leather. Anyone have any good ideas. If so, email me at darinpjp at ya who dott commm.
2-The transmission JUST failed at 290K miles. I did a bunch of research and the cheapest place I found was in Chicago for $999. They said they will remove the trans, rebuild it in their shop, then put it back in. I don't think this includes a remanufactured tourque converter.

I have yet to decide if I will repair the car or donate it to charity and get another Lexus. Overall, despite the failed trans, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND any of the Lexus ES models.

Hope this review helps others.

This car require very little maintenance.Comfortabe and dependable. Run good. Excellent auto

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