2001 Kia Sportage Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2001 Kia Sportage

2001 Kia Sportage Problems

Vehicles driven in areas where roads are heavily salted in winter may experience corrosion of the fuel tank, which can result in a leak. Kia has extended the fuel tank warranty on the 1996-2002 models. Please check with you local Kia dealer for more information, the service bulletin number is 059

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2001 Kia Sportage Questions

sportage just died, sprayed starting fuield but no luck. checked all fueses under hood and inside all good. pulled fuel line off at filter and when cracking fuel shoots out. checked coils with meter and screw driver against block got spark.pull fuel pump and test with battery charger it kicked on...

I am replacing the fuel pump on my 2001 kia sportage ex 2.0L DOHC...I need to see the wiring diagram and need to specifically about how to bleed the fuel rail...any tipsyou have will be greatly appreciated...thank you

I bought this truck privately off kijiji. Now after a week of driving the steering is stiff in two spots. I've been told I need to change my intermediate steering shaft, repack my wheel bearings, and replace the idler arm. Are any of these small jobs? How much should this cost? The quote I...

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2001 Kia Sportage Reviews

This vehicle is very difficult to perform any maintenance on. To change the spark plugs for instance a person has to remove quite a few engine components to reveal the plugs. Finding a service repair manual is impossible. Contains a lot of plastic and rubber components that break or fail on numerous occasions. For instance the rubber vacuum lines that control the 4WD continuously need to be re...

I had a similar problem with my kiia as another poster. Wanted to post that, that when the sheared problem happened, had a new timing belt been installed before it happened? Sounds like the crank bolt sheared from backing out or being overtightened. Make sure who ever installed your salvage motor set the crank bolt to torque specs, which are very tight tolerance.

I bought this car with 28 miles on it in December 2000. For the most part I have been happy. I have to agree with jointer4. The 4wd vac tubes need to be replace every year. Not to hard though. Most of the engine work needs to be done by a Kia engineer it seems.

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