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2001 Kia Spectra

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2001 Kia Spectra Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The original alternator was incapable of supplying sufficient power to the battery when the engine was idling with electrical loads (lights, air conditioning). A new, more powerful alternator and reprogramming of the powertrain computer will commonly correct this problem.

2001 Kia Spectra Questions and Answers

newlifetobe, 2001 Kia Spectra, Toledo, OH

Can't figured out how to remove cover for drum brakes so I can replace brake cylinders. Please help!

stitches99708, 2001 Kia Spectra, Fairbanks, AK

I need to replace the blower motor on my 2001 spectra. Looking at the repair manual it appears I remove it under the glove box. Is this correct?

ilovmuzic, 2001 Kia Spectra, Omaha, NE

the night lights do not work, and have replaced bulbs and changed bulb socket. Have had some weird issues with the brake lights not always working too.

brendamartin40, 2001 Kia Spectra, Welches, OR

Drove my Kia on Saturday had no problems with it... parked it in my driveway and sunday afternoon I tried to start it and it just turned over... wont start... seems to be getting gas and has spark....

Visitor, 2001 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Conroe, TX

My tale light on my car keeps going every time it rains and moisture keeps getting in there i have already replaced the bulbs 2 times already and it still does it and i even got pulled over because...

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2001 Kia Spectra Reviews

Nothing but problems for me with my '01. Spark plugs & wires have been replaced 3+ times since I got the thing in '04 - '05. CV joint is about to be replaced for 2nd or 3rd time.

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