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2000 Kia Spectra

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2000 Kia Spectra Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The original alternator was incapable of supplying sufficient power to the battery when the engine was idling with electrical loads (lights, air conditioning). A new, more powerful alternator and reprogramming of the powertrain computer will commonly correct this problem.

2000 Kia Spectra Questions and Answers

jbin, 2000 Kia Spectra, Washington, DC

Category: rpe
Subject: It lights up the dashboard to indicate D
Technician: no

-- Details --

I have a Kia shuma automatic transmission 2000 model.It lights up the dashboard to indic...

knight17118, 2000 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Crosby, TX

leaking break fluid down the front of the master cylinder

Visitor, 2000 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Chicago, IL

i got a smoke coming out from the bottom of my car but is not leaking from oil its the anti freeze and also the radiator have a cap so theres something like to much pressure

jnortiz, 2000 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Sun City, CA

my 2002 kia spectra starts and runs good but when I come to a stop sign it starts shaking and idling rough idles normal in neutral or park

anthonynjfl, 2000 Kia Spectra, 1.8L 4 Cylinder, Tampa, FL

are there any places in tampa that will help customers pay the bill by providing payment plans?

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2000 Kia Spectra Reviews

I bought my 2000 KIA Spectra from another person who lied to me about all the problems wrong with it ( not unexpected just annoyed), I put in a new transmission, timing belt, and brakes from lines to rotors to drums and now it has no power, I can go around town with no problems but when I get on the interstate it will not shift until 4500 rpm then the speed drops when I go up a hill. I am not sure what is causing the problem, I took it to the dealer and they cant figure out what is wrong with it. I need help

run fine but idles and shake rough when in drive or reverse. what is the problem?

Very basic accesories, and several problems poppping up all over the car.

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