2011 Kia Soul Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2011 Kia Soul

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The manual transmission may be difficult to shift into 1st gear. Our technicians tell us that a revised shifter lower skirt is available to correct this concern.

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electrical. Air conditioner fan works when it wants. Same with traction control light (may stay on for a few drives), check engine light will come on for a drive then be off a month and now, one headlight doesn't work on low beam but they both work on high beam. How do I fix this possessed car?

Where are the ground wires for this car. Mine will show check engine light and run funny then I may crank it back up and it won't do it again for a month. Also, my fan for my air conditioner works when it wants to. My traction control light may come on for a couple drives then go back off for...

My car started shaking last week when I got home from work now is this something I need to have the Dealership look at or can I just take my car to a certified auto mechanic place like Firestone. Please provide me with the best possible answer

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In the event of a crash where the side curtain airbags are deployed a headliner plate can detach, increasing the risk of personal injury. Dealers will correct this concern by adding industrial adhesive strips to secure the headliner plates.

The affected Kia models are being recalled because the brake light switch can fail prematurely, resulting in the loss of brake light operation as well as concerns with other electrical systems including: Cruise control, push-button start feature, shifter, and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. Dealers will replace the brake light switch to correct this concern.

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I don't really know what is wrong with my 2011 Kia Soul, but it starts when it wants to!! I have had it at the dealer and they cannot duplicate the problem. I had it towed this morning in hopes that they will find something to fix!! I cannot be out and not know whether or not my car will start.

Only have had it for 4 months, but a great car. Fun to drive. Loads of room for a small car. People notice you

Alright so agree with the car starting only when it wants to, I've had some problems with KIA and feel others should be aware. We took the car into the Birchwood Kia dealership @ 1364 Regent in Winnipeg, MB. First they told us the clutch was shot,... on a 3 year old car?! So after we did not authorize that, they told us the car would not start and the starter was shot.. again the car is 3 year...

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