2001 Kia Sephia Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2001 Kia Sephia

Repair Estimates

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2001 Kia Sephia
$90 to $121
2001 Kia Sephia
$657 to $873
2001 Kia Sephia
$296 to $403
2001 Kia Sephia
$185 to $268
2001 Kia Sephia
$330 to $465

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After the vehicle has been operated with electrical loads (lights, air conditioning), a weak alternator can cause starting difficulties. In some cases, the original alternator could not sufficiently charge the battery; Kia released a new alternator to fix the problem.

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It happens all the time

Lately my clutch has been sticking, only coming back out half way after shifting, and I have to manually pull it back out myself. My dad seems to think its my master cylinder, or it could be my clutch fluid is low. So two questions, does the diagnosis sound right, and how do I check clutch fluid,...

What should I look at next in order to fix the car to get it to start????

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I hear all these storys about how bad kia's are, I have owned three that I bought new. I have had very little trouble out of any of these cars and would highly recomend them.my latest kia is a 2011 Forte,car has plenty of power and plenty of bells and whistles.Only complaint is it's a little hard to see out the back when backing up.

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