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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Temperature blend and recirculation doors commonly fail, which can cause the AC modes not to change or the temperature to be different on the left and right sides. If replacing blend air doors, a recirculation door, a door link, or a sub-assembly housing, new heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) sub-assemblies are available that improve reliability.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions and Answers

Visitor, 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 3.6L V6, Los Angeles, CA

On Dec. 10, I drove my new red GC Laredo off the lot. On Jan. 10, I put on my new plates, and five hours later, the vehicle died as I exited the freeway. Now I've been told it had a major ma...

sarahb, 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 3.6L V6, Philadelphia, PA

locking the car and sometimes the lights will flash as well...help any suggestions

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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews

Got my 2011 GC couple months ago. Good ride, steering and handling. Smooth brakes. Transmission, though, 'knocks' when downshifts at low RPMs but it's not that bad. I like it, but ... I'd like to talk to an idiot who designed program for climate control. Recirculation turnes off every 5 minutes. If you allergic to anything that can get inside of your vehicle with air - run from this car as far as you can. If you don't have any alergies you will 'enjoy' fumes from cars around you every time you forget to reset that recirculation button. Airflow is completely out of your control in 'auto' mode. Rear defroster, for some reason, tied to, guess what - recirculation button, which can't be used until defroster is on. The worst part - it's all done by design (according to dealer).
Be carefull with transmision shifter. I knocked it, without realising, from Drive to Auto-stick mode couple times already. Sunglasses holder, if left open, blocks rear view mirror .
To sum up - nice car, but Jeep designers still should do better job.

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