2009 Jaguar XKR Repair and Maintenance

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2009 Jaguar XKR
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2009 Jaguar XKR
$270 to $1,001
2009 Jaguar XKR
$230 to $734
2009 Jaguar XKR
$432 to $1,702
2009 Jaguar XKR
$609 to $2,294
2009 Jaguar XKR
$1,098 to $2,896

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The automatic transmission oil is synthetic and Jaguar claims it never needs changing. However, to prolong the transmission life, our technicians strongly recommend changing the automatic transmission oil at 60,000 miles.

Use only Jaguar-approved fluid and carefully follow the Jaguar instructions for refilling the transmission.

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Conv top window fell forward. Glue failed. Jag won't pay under 100,000 jag quality assurance warranty. 33,000 miles. I hear this is a common problem. Please verify. Appears to be a manufacturers defect.

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