1994 Jaguar XJS Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1994 Jaguar XJS

1994 Jaguar XJS Problems

Rattling Noise Due to Failed Upper Front Shock Bushings

The upper bushings on the front shock absorbers are prone to failure and may produce a rattling/jingling noise as the car is driven over bumps.

Fuel hoses may deteriorate resulting in and engine fire
Although a high rate of engine-related fires have been reported with this engine, most can be attributed to neglected maintenance. The fuel hoses in the engine compartment should be inspected periodically.

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1994 Jaguar XJS Questions

1994 xjs has no power to anything, lights horn, dash, starter. (2 answers)

I have replaced battery with a new one, but didn't make any difference

where is oil plug located on 94 xjs 6 cyl? (1 answer)

where is location of oil plug on 94 xjs?

back fire (2 answers)

backfire at low rpm ,also will not rev from an idle,sputters and backfires. changed fuel pump,filter,mass air.

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