2000 Jaguar XJR Repair and Maintenance

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2000 Jaguar XJR
1 answer
2000 Jaguar XJR
1 answer
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2000 Jaguar XJR
$812 to $1,198
2000 Jaguar XJR
$492 to $701
2000 Jaguar XJR
$2,233 to $3,146
2000 Jaguar XJR
$800 to $1,088
2000 Jaguar XJR
$1,067 to $1,870

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The automatic transmission oil is synthetic and Jaguar claims it never needs changing. However, to prolong the transmission life our technicians strongly recommend changing the automatic transmission oil every 60,000 miles.

Use only Jaguar-approved fluid and carefully follow the Jaguar instructions for refilling the transmission.

On this V8 engine, timing chain problems are very common. Because the timing chain tensioners were made from plastic, they can fail prematurely and cause serious engine damage. A noticeable engine noise while idling or during a cold start can indicate a timing chain tensioner problem. The engine noise may also be accompanied by a rough or uneven engine idle. Improved components are available to remedy this problem.

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then it wouldn't start at all. it would turn over but wouldn't start.

My car has 26000 miles. When cold and hard acceleration it falls flat. After warm up seems to run perfectly. Any ideas?

some times engine stshls then suddenly works fine a feww days later sthls again drsantos26@hotmail.com

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