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1999 Jaguar XJR

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1999 Jaguar XJR Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

The automatic transmission oil is synthetic and Jaguar claims it never needs changing. However, to prolong the transmission life our technicians strongly recommend changing the automatic transmission oil every 60,000 miles.
Use only Jaguar-approved fluid and carefully follow the Jaguar instructions for refilling the transmission.

Engine -- Verified

On this V8 engine, timing chain problems are very common. Because the timing chain tensioners were made from plastic, they can fail prematurely and cause serious engine damage. A noticeable engine noise while idling or during a cold start can indicate a timing chain tensioner problem. The engine noise may also be accompanied by a rough or uneven engine idle. Improved components are available to remedy this problem.

1999 Jaguar XJR Questions and Answers

hcontreras, 1999 Jaguar XJR, Telford, PA

Could anyone please tell me what the code P1601 means??? The check engine light came on and this is the code I got back when did the diagnostic. I would greatly appreciate any input.



dash210, 1999 Jaguar XJR, Plattsburgh, NY

my radiator fans seems to run alot , even for a min or so after I shut off the car. the running temp gauge is fine.the car runs great. could it be a stuck thermostat?

jburnett, 1999 Jaguar XJR, Louisville, KY

I just bought a 1999 Jag XJR today and the warning lights on the dash keep going on and off. Check engine, Coolant low, etc. Everything has been repaired on the car. All fluids are full. A newish t...

Jag2011, 1999 Jaguar XJR, Pinole, CA

I put the car into Park after driving and when you go back to start the car the car will start but the car will not move out of Park and go into reverse. You either have to wait for the car to &quo...

Taurus08, 1999 Jaguar XJR, Tacoma, WA

The pair of wires appear to come from under the back seat into the boot, the red wire is attached to the positive terminal on the battery, however the black wire is not connected, it has a male con...

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1999 Jaguar XJR Reviews

I bought a 1999 XJR with 115k miles on it but it has all the engine upgrades for the timing problems, I also replaced trans, rear end, and supercharger fluids, the car runs and rides fantastic. Only issue was a failed fuel pump, I found a good price on ebay and replaced both (there are 2 in the tank), was thinking of
replacing the oxy sensors but the are expensive and from what I've read almost never fail. I also just cleaned the maf sensor and went on a 350 mile trip and avg 23.7 mpg!! I guess using syn oil in everything really helps.

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