2013 Jaguar XF Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2013 Jaguar XF

2013 Jaguar XF
$149 to $280
2013 Jaguar XF
$109 to $150
2013 Jaguar XF
$128 to $243
2013 Jaguar XF
$312 to $477
2013 Jaguar XF
$43 to $95

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A wiring problem with the fuel pump control system may shut down fuel flow to the engine, resulting in a stalled vehicle, as well as power steering and power braking system failure. Loss of engine power, braking and steering assist can result in an unsafe driving condition that could result in a crash. Dealers will inspect and replace wiring that controls the fuel pump to correct this concern.

A power steering hose may collapse and restrict fluid flow, causing loss of power steering assist. Dealers will replace the hose free of charge to resolve the concern.

The right rear brake line may rub on the rear subframe bracket and develop a fluid leak. Dealers will inspect the brake line for signs of wear, make necessary bracket and line adjustments, and replace any lines found wearing free of charge to resolve the problem.

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